Again, no in-person voting will take place in 2024. You will only be able to vote electronically.

Online voting

This year university elections will be conducted online (electronic voting) alongside the equal opportunities elections and the elections of the student council and the student representatives. Detailed information will follow shortly.

Information about standing as a candidate

Informations will follow shortly.

Contacting the election team

You can contact the election team at any time by sending an e-mail to

We can also be reached by phone on 0345/5521567 during the office hours listed below.

Contacting in person

Feel free to visit us during the published office hours of the election office. Appointments outside office hours can be made by prior arrangement.

Office hours

The election team is in the office of the student council on the dates specified in the election notice.

Viewing electoral roll

Your own entry in the electoral roll can be viewed at the following times after first sending notification by e-mail to: